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Speech Pathology Townsville

What is Speech Pathology?

Speech Pathologists or Speech Therapists are allied health professionals trained in assessing, diagnosing and managing communication delays and disorders. A speech pathologist, or more commonly known inside the industry as a SLP, can also treat and manage swallowing disorders.

What does it take to qualify as a Speech Pathologist in Australia?

To be deemed as qualified in the speech pathology profession, a speech pathologist must complete an entry level to the profession university degree. Generally, an entry level degree is considered to be a bachelor’s degree, however someone that has already completed a bachelor’s degree in a similar field may qualify with a master’s degree in speech pathology.

Are there any professional bodies for speech pathologists?

The professional body for speech pathologists in Australia is called Speech Pathology Australia. Although it is not mandatory to be a member of this professional body, it is considered best practice as membership ensures that minimum standards in continuing professional development are maintained. This minimum standard is not only good for the individual’s skill building capacity, but also for the industry as a whole and consequently our communities.

How do I know if my speech pathologist is a member of Speech Pathology Australia?

A speech pathologist with a full professional membership to Speech Pathology Australia is known as a Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist, or CPSP. You can find out if your speech pathologist is certified by clicking here and conducting a search.

How do I know which Speech Pathologist is right for me?

Although there are no absolute criteria for which speech pathologist is right for you, some common questions client’s should ask themselves are:

  • Is the speech pathologist close to me (e.g. Townsville, or you may want to be more specific and choose a suburb)?
  • Does the speech pathologist cover every field or do they focus on specific fields of interest?
  • Do they cover every age range or do they focus on specific age ranges?
  • Are they certified in speech pathology programs such as HANEN ?
  • What funding options does the speech pathologist provide?
  • Can I meet and chat to a speech pathologist to get a better idea of whether I would like to work with them?  Early Advantage Speech Pathology Townsville provides a service specifically to address this. To Find out more, click here

These are just a few of the many questions people ask themselves when selecting a speech pathologist.


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