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"To make a meaningful impact supporting young Australians, helping them to realise their potential in CONNECTING on a deeper level, ACHIEVING academic goals and turning adversity into strength, EMPOWERING them to live a rich and fulfilling life now and into the future."


Speech Pathologist Townsville

Jessica Dobe

Senior Speech-Language Pathologist - BSPath, CPSP

Meet our principal senior speech pathologist Jessica Dobe, or Miss Jess as her patients know her!

Jessica found her love for speech language pathology at an early age, when she sat in on speech sessions for her younger sisters. She instantly fell in love with the practice, after seeing the potential to really make an impact. Jess has been completely focused on early childhood speech and language her entire career, helping her to develop into the paediatric expert she is today.  Jess is trained and certified in; 

Hanen - It Takes Two to Talk 

Hanen - Learning Language and Loving it

Certified Sound-Write Phonics Practitioner

D.I.R Floortime

Trained in the Lidcombe Program for Childhood Stuttering

Trained in PROMPT (Parameters for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets)

Applying the Nuffield Dyspraxia Programme (NDP3) for management of children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Jess believes the specific approach to therapy is extremely important, realising it's not a "One Size Fits All" situation. Using the very latest in evidence based practice and ensuring that the approach is tailored to each individual and their family, we know she can make a meaningful impact in your child's life.


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