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Early Advantage Speech Pathology Townsville

A mobile clinic completely focused on children

Early Advantage Speech Pathology Townsville is committed to creating exceptional outcomes for toddlers, children and their families. We diagnose, treat and support communication difficulties in children under 13 years of age. We provide services through a mobile platform where we come to you, or via telehealth video conferencing. 

Fun and Engaging!

By fostering a fun and engaging learning environment (we take the time to find out what your child LOVES, and use that to learn with), we can get the very best out of your child and help the potential inside of them shine. We pride ourselves in providing toddlers and children with the communication skills to build long lasting personal connections, achieve both inside, and outside of the classroom, and feel empowered for life.

All About You

We realise that as the parents of young children, your days are  sometimes a little crazy, which is why we try to make accessing our service as easy as possible. 

Using the very latest in evidence based practice, your speech pathologist will personally tailor a plan to help your child succeed in any areas of difficulty.


First Step Speech Pathology

Get in contact… simply call, message or email us.
(No Referral Required)

Second Step Speech Pathology

We talk over the phone to get an idea of what your concerns are.

Third Step Speech Pathology

We have a free 20 minute phone consultation to get to know each other and explore your concerns a little further. We also guide you through any funding options that may be available to you.

Fourth Step Speech Pathology

Whats next ? At the end of your phone consultation, your speech pathologist will be able to provide you with clear next steps, which may include assessment or therapy.

We Can Help With




Social Skills 


Parent Support


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