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Top 4 Books for Targeting Prepositions

Our Top 4 Books for Targeting Prepositions

You might be thinking, what are prepositions? Prepositions are words that describe the position or location of an item. Comprehension of prepositions is important for our kid’s success at school as instructions tend to include prepositions (e.g. put your hat in your bag and stand behind your desk). Kids also need to understand prepositions so they can use them appropriately when constructing sentences.

A great way to model different prepositions is through book reading. Here are our top picks that incorporate various prepositions:

Where’s Spot?

Sally the dog can’t find Spot and it is time for dinner! Help Sally search the house for Spot. Is Spot behind the door? Or inside the grandfather clock? Or under the rug?

We love this book and use it regularly in our sessions with children when supporting their understanding of prepositions. The kids LOVE lifting the flaps to find out where Spot might be hiding. Through this interactive experience, children will learn a range of prepositions such as in, inside, under, and behind.

Where is bear?

A little boy can’t find his bear! Where could bear be? The little boy can’t go to bed until he finds bear. He looks everywhere, in the drawer, on the shelf. This is a beautiful picture book that will draw your kids in. You can also have a little laugh together as this book has a funny twist.

Hide and Seek Pig

Pig and Hen play a game of hide-and-seek. Where could Hen be? Pig can see a long yellow beak behind the gate, look a tent! Is Hen in there? Have lots of fun lifting the flaps to help pig and many other woodland creatures find Hen.

Where, Oh Where, is Rosie’s Chick?

Rosie has lost her little baby chick! She looks everywhere - under the hen house, in the basket, behind the wheelbarrow and even through the straw. But Rosie just can’t find her baby chick! And what Rosie doesn’t know is that someone is following her every move… be careful Rosie!

We hope you enjoy reading these books to your child and exposing them to different prepositions!

Have fun!


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