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Everyday Activities

Making The Most Of Everyday Activities

Life can get a little crazy sometimes and it can often feel impossible to fit everything in! Although it's fantastic to add in extra learning time with our children, sometimes it's just not possible. That's why it's so important that we take advantage of our everyday activities and use these to strengthen our children's development. An example of this is when we take our kids grocery shopping (… if they are in a cooperating mood that is)!

Some simple things to do:
-Show your child what you are putting into the trolley and tell them what it is.

-Name the item and add the word 'in' and 'out'. For example, "apple in", "chocolate out".

-Name the item and add a describing word. For example, "red apple", "little grape".

-Name the item and clap out the syllables (e.g. ba/na/na = 3 claps)

-Name the item and talk about words that rhyme with the item, they can be made up words too!

-Every time you put something into the trolley ask your child to tell you one, two or even three things about it. For example, grape – "it's little and you eat it"

These strategies start off easier and slowly increase in difficulty. So, you might like to start at the top and steadily work your way down as your child's communication skills develop.

If you have any questions, send through a Facebook message or give us a call. We are always happy to help


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